Friday, May 4, 2012

Wellington - The Capital & Coffee

Now - the current city I live in & New Zealand's capital - 'Wellington'.

A city full of culture, great cuisine, dining, shopping, picturesque harbor and many other great feats.

However, I wanted to focus in more closely on 'coffee' - yes coffee.

Wellington is renowned for its coffee - it's rumored to have more cafes per capita than New York :O.

Well I'll let you in on some of my favorites. At the moment it would have to be Peoples Coffee - Winner of best coffee in Wellington in 2010, followed by Astoria in the heart of the Wellington's CBD and thirdly Mojo coffee.

Why are these my favorite coffee joints?

1. Peoples Coffee - Great service, great coffee and close to my flat.
2. Astoria - Great atmosphere, superb coffee and great location - close to work.
3. Mojo - Several locations around Wellington, 24 in fact nationally, fast service, good coffee, friendly faces.

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