Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Must See

So you've probably heard of the 'should be' 8th wonder of the world, Milford Sound.

I had never been to Milford Sound intil January this year when I was showing a South African mate around NZ. Typical aye, you only see your country when a foreigner forces you to go see it. A right shame when NZ is one if not the most beautiful countries to tour in the world.

Oh well enough with the rambling. Milford Sound is truly breathtaking. We were fortunate enough to see it on a day with a beautiful blue sky. Generally it's raining there or quite overcast.

The way I did was a one day tour with Nakedbus. Think it was something like $110 or $120NZD per person return from Queenstown, depends on when you book. We left early in the morning around 7am and returned to Queenstown at close to 8pm that night. It was great, took plenty of stops along the way and even got to see a Kea (Native NZ Mountain Parrot). The price for the tour also includes the cruise in Milford Sound.

There is also options at a discounted price to fly over the Remarkables in a plane or helicopter. The helicopter lands on the Remarkables and lets you get out and walk around on the ice. Not included in the tour but is at a discounted rate. 

Here's some links here re helicopter flights. You'd have to ask on Nakedbus tour but I'm pretty sure the cost was between $200-600NZD depending on what you wanted to do.

If you'd like to check out more on the Nakedbus tour. You can go to http://nakedbus.com/nz/bus/milford-sound